Astra viewing opportunities?

From: Art Glick (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 13:04:28 EST

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    Howdy folks from a lurker...
    Thank you Antonin for the fascinating tidbit...
    >1997-086A PanAmSat 22 - after malfunction of the last stage stranded in low
    >parking orbit, bought from insurance companies by Hughes (designated as HGS-1)
    >then sent to the very eccentric orbit. After multiple lunar swingby reached
    >GSO, then resold as Asiasat 3.
    I'll bet there's a great story in the details!
    I seem to be reading conflicting reports about Astra.  SCC says it has four 
    days before reentry, Baikonur is hopeful for a recovery, etc.
    I'd love to see a pass of this big bird, but unfortunately I am ill 
    equipped to handle ELSETs and haven't the time to get up to speed.  I 
    depend on H-A, and they don't have the object in their data base.
    Would any of you kind souls mind checking to see if we have any good passes 
    in these parts of Appalachia.  I know that there's a few other lurkers in 
    my neighborhood that might appreciate it.
    38.067 N, 80.434 W, 2950' Elevation
    Many Thanks and Best Regards,
    Art Glick
    Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA
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