Re: Decay Forecast ASTRA + RB

From: NK (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 11:00:15 EST

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    > >if #27557 is ASTRA 1K and #27558 BLOCK DM, where is the third stage of
    > >PROTON? Doesn't it reach orbit as well?
    > Astra 1K and the BLOCK DM make 27557, the third stage is 27558!
    This is incorrect. Astra 1K was too heavy for Proton to reach orbit itself.
    In fact, first ingnition (of three) of Block DM for 77.2 seconds put it into
    Apparently second ignition failed (this Energiya's upper stage is famous for
    such a problem -- fourth in just seven years!).
    So what we have is, indeed, Astra 1K and Block DM. If they see any prospect
    of Astra 1K salvage (quite improbable IMHO) we'll see this object
    to h=500 km or so.
    Igor Lissov
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