Re: geo sat in leo orbit

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 06:21:10 EST

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    Well I went outside and waited. But the clouds got in the way of where it 
    was predicted to pass.
    I haven't had a good clear night in awhile.
    I also tried to observe the geo sat's XM 1 and XM 2, and the clouds got in 
    the way when they are passing by those bright stars I use a refrence. I have 
    to wait and observe geo sat's on a better night.
    I am thinking of getting a 5.1 ince reflector. Then I can see those one's at 
    the limit of detection in my 70 mm refractor more easily:)
    And since it's on an equatorial mount, it will be so easier to scan the geo 
    belt. Right now I chose of area of sky near a bright sky and follow it, 
    watching to see what geo sat's will appear.
    But then I like that nice computer mount 8 or 10 ince, but they are way more 
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