Re: geo sat in leo orbit

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Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 04:34:00 EST

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    I would be very interested to know if you see anything.
    There is a bit of conflicting info at present....CNN report
    "Both the satellite and the booster will after a while fall back to Earth.
    Both will burn with maybe small bits reaching the Earth's surface, depending
    on what materials the satellite was made of," Kreidenko said. "But there is
    no danger."
    ..........but I got the impression from my phone conversation that they were
    hopeful , not only to re-boost but had not yet written off the bird as lost.
    Subject: Re: geo sat in leo orbit
    > Thanks for the info
    > I hope they find out what went wrong. Glad there in control of it,
    > they can boost the orbit, and save this expensive satellite. I wasn't
    > worried about re-entry, how much would even survive the plunge?
    > I have a low pass ( 10 degrees above the horizon ) of it in under 3 hours.
    > So as long as it stay clear, I hope to observe it.
    > So until they calculate how to get it to geo orbit, this geo sat should
    > hopefully give some nice low altitude passes.
    > Kevin
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