Lacrosse 4 and NOSS 2-3 CDE

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Nov 25 2002 - 19:46:58 EST

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    Something I'd like to share:
    I haven't had time for quite a while to do any satellite observing but
    tonight--being clear--instilled in me the desire to look at something at
    least. I quickly checked H-A and discovered that in one minute the Lacrosse
    4 Rocket at a magnitude of 2.8 was going to make a high pass in the East. I
    grabbed my 7 x 35 binocs and ran outside to have a look. While watching the
    rocket brighten as it passed below Andromeda I noticed something odd. No way
    I thought to myself as I suddenly realized that the Lacrosse 4 Rocket had
    just passed through (or at least very close) to the NOSS 2-3 (C, D, & E)
    trio shining at a magnitude of 5.9. Neat!! A pleasant surprise for a person
    weary of trying to keep up with grades and everything else I have to do this
    time of year.  :~)
    Latitude: +42.473513
    Longitude -92.360413
    Time zone: USA Central Daylight Time, GMT -6
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