Grace Flares & Integral 1 r Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 22:36:51 EST

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    Finally a clear night after a few weeks of cloud, rain and or fog. As luck
    would have it i had a high elevation, 89 deg, pass by GRACE 1 #27391 02012A
    and GRACE 2 #27392 02012B. At 01:33:45 25 Nov UTC +/-3 sec Grace 1 flared to
    mag 1 approx 10 deg SE of Gienah Cygni. Then at 01:34:15 Grace 2, 2 deg
    further West than Grace 1, flared as well to mag 1 but stayed lit longer,
    approx 10 sec vice 5 sec. Both were compared to nearby Deneb and were equal
    if not slightly brighter.
    Then at 01:46:20 Integral r1 #27541 02048B flared to mag 2 Az 195 deg El 55
    deg. It then faded until barely visible for about 10 sec before becoming
    bright, and remaining so, mag 1, until it went behind my house and i lost
    sight of it. Even with 2 day old elsets it was approx 55 sec late.
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