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Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 20:58:00 EST

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    sts was roughly running about 05m40s (time) behind iss
    judged naked eye, and sts was going into shadow
    at baseline star, so timing split is approx.
    iss was about +1 lowish S, sts was -1, but faded
    into eclipse much sooner than iss, my 10 year old
    said sts must be lower in altitude.!.  I tried to
    pick up sts in scope but I think it was already in
    full shadow by the time I looked in fov and I did not
    see its running lights, but not a good test.
    meanwhile, 28A predicted appulse XZ2230 @ ~ 0242:28.3
    need to realign my chronometers and squeegee the 
    primary lens.
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