Re: Atomic Alarm Clock

Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 15:41:20 EST

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    These units have been available for a long time - and are very good 
    for minutes and seconds but a minor downside is that they show the 
    hour being transmitted by the time source, including Daylight Saving 
    when it is in operation.
    If the one you have bought has the same software as the ones I looked 
    at over here in Europe about a year ago, you can over-ride the hour 
    setting. However, it then ceases to synchronise with the transmitter 
    and uses an internal timer, making it as accurate as any other quartz-
    controlled clock.
    By the way - don't you mean that your PC generated time from the 
    Internet is 0.3 seconds slow compared with real time?
    On 24 Nov 2002 at 13:04, Tom  Wagner wrote:
    > The other night I was at Wal-Mart looking for a battery operated alarm clock
    > to take with me on my Leonid shower watch. I was afraid that I might doze
    > off in my car in advance of the peak. Anyway, I discovered a nifty little
    > "radio controlled" clock from Oregon Scientific...........
    Robert Christy
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