New satellite observation tool for Windows

Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 16:33:24 EST

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    Dear all,
    I'm a 'new' member of the list even if some time ago I was already subscribed.
    Due to spare time constraints I didn't follow the list in the past, but now
    I'm back again.
    The reason for this mail is that during 2000/2001 I programed a satellite
    observation tool for Windows. The objective was to use it for myself, but
    I think that other satellite hunters may be interested in this tool. It is
    a 'quick and dirty' program and not yet finished, but it works very well
    if some small rules are respected. It is able to represent some thousand
    satellites on a sky polar plot in real time or off time. Several features
    are available in order to modify the plot representation.
    You can find the tool at [2137KB]
    (note that the address is case sensitive)
    It is recommended to read first the short manual at
    [1011KB] mainly due to the fact that the (easy) installation has to be made
    manually and to know the rules mentioned above.
    If you try the tool then please send me a feed back, even if you will not
    use it further ( 
    Enjoy the tool.
    Maurizio Scaramuzza
    Winterthur, Switzerland
    47.50N / 8.75E / 460m
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