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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 04:13:35 EST

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    Hi All
    As a result of feedback from Pierre,Mike,Thierry and Ted re my
    observations of 12 November I re-examined the video tapes with the
    following results:
    (1) The position reported for the first pass of 95066A is
        It turns out I reversed the positions of the reference stars
        used by entering star#2's position as that of no 1, and star#1
        as no 2. The position should have been
        95066A #23278
        23h11m45.5sUT RA10h16m00.6s,Dec-26deg47'26"(J2000)
        However this observation may not be as accurate "as usual" since
        it was done at a very low elevation - about 10 degrees and I only
        had two reference stars on opposite ends of the field of view so
        things like field curvature may be appreciable. Normally I try and
        select stars close to the centre of the field of view and along the
        "x axis"- this time I had to use stars 2.43 degrees apart in the
        "y axis" at a position angle of 48 degrees-not an ideal situation.
    (2) Mike McCants points out that my unknown sighted at
         23h32m41.8sUT could not have been 65082DM as it was then
         deep in shadow. I have re-examined the tape and it very definately
         is a satellite - I  initially thought that it might have been a bird on
        getting Mikes report. I have been unable to find a candidate for the
        object seen  in ALLDAT.TLE so it remains an UNIDENTIFIED
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