Re: Hugh UFO over Turkey

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 11:18:00 EST

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    As I mentioned yesterday (UTC) this spectacular event over Turkey witnessed by six commercial aircraft on 01 November, around
    03:30-03:45 UTC was without any doubt the decay of  2002-050B 
    (#27553)the 3. stage of the SOYUZ rocket that launched a 3 men
    crew to the ISS on 30.October, 03:11 UTC.
    The empty rocket body has a mass of 2350 kg, 2.7 m diameter
    and a length of 6.7 m.
    The source from Turkey (SIRIUS UFO - )
    mentioned 3 locations:
    AFYON   (Lat: 38.45N, 30.40E)
    YALOVA  (Lat: 40.39N, 29.15E)
    ANTALYA (Lat: 36.53N, 30.42E)
    For my in depth analysis I used the final ELSET 02305.02466301
    (aka 01 November, 03:35.30.88 UTC) and the current solar and 
    geomagnetic data. With my program MPM + REENTRY I have recon-
    struct the reentry trajectory.
    The visibility of the event from the Antalya airport sets a
    lower limit for the altitude of the decayer. All observations
    are at a time span shortly after the breakup altitude (78 km).
    With some uncertainty my analysis delivers for the nearest
    Antalya: 03:42:46 UTC AZ 311.0 - 331.7 EL: 11.9 - 20.8
             Satellite Height: 78.4 km 
    AFYON:   03:42:54 UTC AZ 317.1 - 332.6 EL: 24.7 - 39.1
             Satellite Height: 75.4 km
    YALOVA:  03:43:06 UTC AZ 130.2 - 141.9 EL: 41.6 - 61.9
             Satellite Height: 72.1 km
    SCC'S Final prediction: 01 Nov,03:41 UTC (28.0N, 26.0E) 
    delivers within this analytical frame:
             03:42:06 UTC AZ 156.3 - 139.7 EL: 59.3 - 73.9
    The reports mentioned about 10 - 15 observed fragments.
    A message from the source told me they are "quite certain"
    that the event was produced by the entry of a "hugh asteroid".
    For some reasons that is completely nonsens.  
    Berlin, Germany
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