Re: The nature of RAMBO

From: thomsona (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 16:30:41 EST

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    I'm adding UseSat-L to the distribution, and would suggest that 
    further discussion be done there. 
    Use of STS thruster firings for RAMBunctions purposes involving 
    MSX go back a way. Whether MSX is still the satellite involved, 
    I know not, but suspect it probably is. 
    From the latter,
      There are three major categories of MSX tests: plume 
      observations, resident space object (RSO) observations, and 
      acquisition and tracking tests. Plume observations require
      the firing of either an orbital maneuvering system engine or a 
      minimum of two primary reaction control system engines. The
      engines fire into the >>ram<<, into the wake, or at an angle to
      orbiter's velocity vector. 
    >> << inserted for emphasis.
    Thus the RAM in RAMBO would seem to denote a retrograde firing
    against the STS velocity vector, dropping the mean altitude. 
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