The nature of RAMBO

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Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 10:18:25 EST

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    In the press kit for STS-112 we read:
    Ram Burn Observations (RAMBO)
    Ram Burn Observations (RAMBO) is a Department of Defense experiment that
    observes shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System engine burns for the purpose of
    improving plume models. On STS-112 the appropriate sensors will observe
    selected rendezvous and orbit adjust burns.
    Payloads of Opportunity
    The objective of the Ram Burn Observation (RAMBO) payload is to help
    calibrate the RAMBO satellite. This requires retrograde, posigrade, and
    out-of-place burns. The location of the RAMBO satellite is classified.
    In the STS-107 science program kit, we found:
    Satellite sensor calibration
    RAMBO, Ram Burn Observation, USAF Space and Missile Center,
    Los Angeles, CA, U.S. Air Force
    So the question is:
    What is RAMBO satellite if one knows?
    Which USA-XXX satellite may be identified as RAMBO on the basis
    of observation geometry of known STS-112 engine firings?
    Igor Lissov
    Novosti Kosmonavtiki
    Moscow, Russia
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