8305pg 12nov 01h

From: paul (astro@pgog.net)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 20:56:53 EST

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    23233 94 057A   8305 G 20021112013702430 56 35 1906043+138525 16
    missed earlier sats as I was reestablishing base camp
    after excursion into dewy central texas.
    a spot check at 54x, no attempt to follow it.
    57A seemed to be within 0.15s and good trak,
    maybe a tad low (west) ??  mini_tad... or ~ 18" (??)
    but did not confirm that with an appulse,
    pr was 7.2' so it was really low 18" +/- 1' ;-)
    Paul Gabriel 8305 (CST/CDT = UT -6h/-5h)
    26.24316_N 098.21608_W GPS ( 2m)  +36m USGS/NED
    +10.8m WGS-84 Ellipsoid hgt -25.2m EGM96 Geoid hgt
    McAllen, Texas USA 78504-2940
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    of the Tunnel will be Turned Off Until Further Notice
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