Re: STS-112 Launch question

From: Jim Conrad (
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 12:33:33 EST

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    At 03:40 PM 11/3/02 -0700, wrote:
    > > I've missed the CNN and Nasa TV coverage of the event. Is there a
    > > chance of downloading a video of the STS-122 launch with the views from
    > > the ETTCam? The only poor-quality clips I've found so far are those on
    >you can try or as they have pretty
    >good video archives of space events.
    I captured it from NASA Select TVRO using a Multimedia Video card in MP 
    format. File size is 535 Megs. ETTCam was kinda disappointing as the 
    exhaust from the SRB sep fogged over the camera so the video is useless 
    after SRB sep.
    I can try and make a Video CD (I don't have DVD record capability yet) if 
    you want to pickup the tab for a CD and the cost to ship it?
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