ordinary sats 11/11/02 I suppose

From: chiayk@singnet.com.sg
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 08:31:14 EST

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    Hi folks:
       I had been a long while since i last saw any sats due to bad weather.
       Despite a bright lunar nearby, the LM is +6 with watec 902H and lens.
    Two sats caught my attention as it appeared towards the upper end of the
    b/w monitor. One of them appeared to be trailing the other.  AT first I
    thought may be two of the three Noss( a little too bright for them).
    But  ID using mccant.le with the 1 minute duration revealed Cosmos 2228
    r and Cosmos 2150 on a diverging path - less than 2 degree apart when
      A little  later another bright sat appeared - I timed its passage
    close to  Fomalhaut. It was OAO Lr.
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