Re: Last Orbit landing profile for Soyuz TM34

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 10:34:01 EST

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    I am not very familiar with these data. Until now I understood that Soyuz
    always happened, while the "space ship" was travelling in the ascending
    meaning travelling to the point with highest northern latitude.
    If this is true than 0501GMT looks unlikely to me and 0300UTC would be more
    But as I already said, I am not quite sure about this.
    If it were 0501GMT there might be a chance we may see Soyuz TM34 in its last
    already lowering pass to its landing point.
    Regards.. Bram.
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    From: Tristan Cools <>
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    Date: zaterdag 9 november 2002 15:15
    Subject: Last Orbit landing profile for Soyuz TM34
    >As I understand, the Soyuz TM34 spacecraft will undock from ISS at 2035GMT
    >this evening and landing is sheduled for November 10 at 0501GMT.
    >Is there someone who can provide me a link to the manoeuvres made by Soyuz
    >TM34 after undocking untill landing ?
    >Over which countries will Soyuz TM34 travel during its last orbit before
    >reentry and landing in Kazakhstan ?
    >Looking at the orbital elements of ISS, it looks that landing time of Soyuz
    >TM34 will be more close to 0300UTC than the the time mentionned above but
    >of couse it would be interesting to have a pre-landing elset for Soyuz
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