Bright flasher

From: Peter Kok (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 15:24:53 EST

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    Hi there-
    On november 4th, while observing an iridium flare, I also observed a 
    flashing object at an altitude of 40 deg. in the NE. There were three 
    flashes of around mag. -2, about 15 seconds apart and a fainter flash of 
    mag. +1, 5 seconds after the last bright one. The first flash I saw at 
    18:29:30 UTC. Between the flashes, the object was not visible to the naked 
    eye, but the viewing conditions were not optimal. Because I wasn't quite 
    prepared for seeing a flashing satellite and because I'd never seen one 
    before, the timing may not be very accurate. I identified the object as AMS 
    3(DMSP F3).
    51.983N 4.467E -5m
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