Integral spacecraft/satellite

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 05:09:36 EST

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    Dear List,
    For those who want to follow faint satellites (with the required
    accuracy in prediction this implies, you might like to
    know that the INTEGRAL Satellite has been added to the
    spacecraft list of the HORIZON system at JPL. Much more accurate
    than SSC's TLEs. A current draw back is that it is only available
    a few days ahead ( like November 13 9hr UT current time  nov 7 0hrs UT )
    The operational 9000km perigee has been achieved, and the period
    is now very close to 3 days. Although the perigee is south of the
    equator, the passes from my site are all currently in daylight.
    Tony Beresford
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