Re: Decay watch: 2002 November 5

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 13:59:36 EST

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    Tristan Cools writes
    >I've read a report of a possible satellite decay over Turky:
    >This is a translation from Dutch:
    >Around 5u30(probably local time) in the morning a bright 'falling star' was
    >seen at Bodrum Turky.  The front was like a ball with after that a brigh ,
    >broad yellow tail.
    >Could this be Cosmos 1153 ?
    You mean Cosmos 1154 :)
    In my opinion, no. Although the southbound stretch of the orbital plane 
    of Cosmos 1154 was overhead at Bodrum (37.1N, 27.5E) at 04h UTC (06h 
    local time), the satellite itself could not have survived long enough to 
    account for the observation. Are there any indications of direction of 
    motion and duration of visibility, and why this is being reported as a 
    satellite decay?
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