Re: Flashing geosynch, it would seem (Cosmos 2282)

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 12:30:30 EST

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    Ed Cannon posted:
    >I received a credible private report from Boulder, 
    >Colorado (40.015N, 105.270W acc. to Heavens-Above;
    >roughly about 1670 meters above sea level), of a near-
    >stationary flashing object being watched *without* 
    >magnification for an hour, from about 4:00 to 5:00 on 
    >Nov. 4 UTC.  The flash period was 20-22 seconds.  The 
    >position is uncertain beyond it likely being in the 
    >Has anyone tried to observe Cosmos 2282 (94-038A, 23168)
    I observed Cosmos 2282 last night from BCRC (30.3N, 97.9W) flashing
    to about magnitude 6.5 or 7 from 3:02UT until 3:22UT (Nov. 6 UT).
    It was almost due south of me, so it would be a little east of south
    as seen from Colorado.
    62 cycles in 1248.7 seconds = 20.140 second period.
    Ed observed a period of 20.87 on Sept 3 and 20.79 on Sept. 10.
    Jason Hatton observed a period of 20.61 on Sept. 26.
    So it would seem that it is continuing to speed up at a rate close to
    0.01 seconds per day.
    94- 38 A 02-11-06 03:22      MM 1248.7 0.1  62 20.14  +7->inv
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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