Cosmos 1154 sighting

From: Bill Carson (
Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 08:52:52 EST

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    Just saw Cosmos 1154 (11682) from my location here in
    northwest Nevada USA (40.88 -119.33 1200m),
    passed by Mars at approx 05:29:57 PST, going
    really, *really* fast!
    Obligatory delurking:  Have been observing
    satellites for about 5 years now and have been
    keenly watching decayers ever since a Raduga (104?)
    motor reentered over us in early September 1999 -
    which was absolutely amazing in the sense that thousands of
    others (at the annual Burning Man festival here in the
    desert) saw it too.
    Could someone point me to documentation of your
    observation "table" format?  Many thanks.
    Bill Carson, Gerlach NV USA
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