Re: Superbird A

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 06:30:47 EST

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    Don, since the cone angle is very close to 90 degrees, the phase shift is
    consistent with reflections switching from the front to the back (or v.v.), and
    your series could very well be the second solar panel, a few degrees misaligned
    from the first (which also implies that the back side may be seen flashing an
    hour before or after your series).
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    > 89-041 A 02-11-03 02:49:07.45JDG 542.2 0.3  24 22.59  +2.0->inv
    > 89-041 A 02-11-03 03:26:36.75JDG 440.8 0.3  39 11.30  +2.0->inv
    > Superbird A is currently flashing over the Eastern USA.
    > The first PPAS report refers to a series of flashes that are
    > apparently from a surface other than the solar panels.  The
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