Re: STS-112 Launch question

From: Marcin Podgorski (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 03:21:52 EST

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    I've missed the CNN and Nasa TV coverage of the event. Is there a
    chance of downloading a video of the STS-122 launch with the views from
    the ETTCam? The only poor-quality clips I've found so far are those on Hope that's not too much off-topic.
    With regards,
    Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > BTW, after finishing watching the taped CNN coverage of the launch event
    > (I don't like CNN's coverage of the news, but they do have the best space
    > coverage, in my opinion), I was suprised to learn that they had 12-15+
    Marcin Podgorski
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