Re: Object information wanted

From: NK (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 18:07:00 EST

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    > I've been looking for (but can not find) info on the following objects:
    > 27406
    > 27407
    > Are these visable LEO sats?
    > Even a name would help.
    > Thanks for any info.
    I guess these two numbers hasn't been assigned to any object.
    Usually this occurs when The Mountain reserves several numbers
    for a launch but the launch yields less objects than expected.
    If next launch occurs soon, the numbers are still left empty.
    Several days or even weeks later, The Mountain reassigns them to
    other objects, usually debris. In the case of 27406 and 27407,
    such reassignment is not made yet.
    Igor Lissov
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