A warning from Bob Christy

From: Sven Grahn (svengrahn@mail.wineasy.se)
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 01:35:01 EST

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    Dear Friends,
    I am forwarding the following message from Bob Christy:
    I have a virus on my home PC - I believe that I picked it up from an 
    incoming e-mail yesterday. I detected it through irregular behaviour of my 
    e-mail client.
    My virus checking software did not spot it coming in and the virus 
    definitions I was using were only ten days old. I updated the definitions 
    this morning and the checker than indentified the virus as:
    Details at:
    I recommend that you check your own PCs as I mailed something to you all 
    last night. The virus itself sends out random e-mails
    Sven - could you do me a favour and alert FPSPACE and Hearsat-L users that 
    they might need to perform some checks.
    I'll be back when I've cleaned up.
    Sven Grahn
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