Molniya 3-42

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 16:04:17 EST

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    After a siege of unfavorable weather -- in order to see the 
    Leonids I drove several hours to west Texas to escape clouds 
    and rain -- the sky has improved.  Thursday night after 
    unsuccessful binocular attempts to try to find ASC 1, while 
    I was just looking at the sky hoping I might see it do a 
    one-power flash, instead I saw unexpected one-power flashes 
    from a slow-moving, southbound object.  Last night I 
    confirmed it was Molniya 3-42 (92-067A, 22178).  I was in 
    San Antonio, TX (29.400N, 98.660W, 180m) both nights.  
    Thursday evening I thought the flashes might have been as 
    bright as +2, but last night, maybe due to the Moon being 
    kind of close, I'm saying +3 instead.  Russell Eberst 
    reported it varying in September 2000 (PPAS).
    92- 67 A 01-11-25 04:14:09   EC  572.0 0.5  47 12.17  +3.0->inv
    I've seen some one-power flashes from Superbird A each of 
    the last three nights, but tonight the Moon will interfere 
    too much; I think I will have to use binoculars.
    I still haven't managed to find ASC 1 since the weather has
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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