Re: Need help to ID unknown

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 06:25:34 EST

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    Sun was at -11.4 degrees, which is dark enough.
    Two observations are usually much more conclusive than magnitude:
    1. Direction ('going left' = 270 degrees = 9 o'clock).
    2. Speed, e.g. the time to pass the distance between the tips of your spread
    thumb and index fingers (at straight arm distance) or the same distance as
    between two known stars, or the field-of-view of your binoculars (specify!).
    With satbase.tle, I find just one 'going left' Dir=280 degrees within
    predicted mag.limit +16 and +- 3 minutes : #16592 NOSS 7 r, but it is
    predicted at +6 mag and going between Jupiter and delta Geminorum 11:03:50
    (16 seconds for the distance alpha-beta)
    > >
    > > At 11:03:20 UTC 1/2 way between Jupiter and Pollux and Castor going left
    > > mag. Seen at Lat. 39.47 Lon. -79.34 Elv. 784 m. I have not been able to
    > > searching mccants.tle and alldat.tle using Findsat. I would like to ID
    > > it was seen under dark skies on Nov. 18, 2001 during the meteor shower
    of I
    > > believe 2500 per hour average at times. I made note of time and location
    > > because meteors were slowing down at this time.
    > Is that time right? I thought it was starting to get light around then.
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