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    Actually, I was watching the object when it stopped moving. There were no
    stars near the object. I watched it until it started moving again. This
    behavior was repeated by a second object a few minutes later. 
    I can only conclude they were indeed UFO's of some sort.
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    I would have to consider the possibility that he simply lost track of a
    satellite (distracted, clouds, whatever) and his adjusting vision fixed on a
    star for a few minutes.
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    > I do not object to the explanations given, but when there are very few
    > reference points (high up in the sky), it is possible to imagine that a
    > moving object halts.
    > This idea fails if the duration of the "pause" is so long, that it would
    > expected to move 20 degrees or more.
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    > ...
    > > time"...So you were not in ideal condition for seeing satellites because
    > > their magnitude are under those of main stars. You can be sure  the
    > > moving brightness point you saw were not satellites...
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