Satellite Obs During The Leonids

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 19:28:10 EST

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    Awesome meteor show this morning.  Took about 46 pictures and hopefully
    I will have my first meteor.
    While observing meteors, I saw a satellite flare just above Zosma in Leo
    at about 12:10:10 UT on 18 Nov 01.  Running Skymap shows that it was
    probably SERT 2 (#4327, 70 009 A).  It was easily third magnitude then
    slowly dimmed at it headed south.
    I saw  another point flare to mag 1-2 around 12:20 UT around RA 13:49,
    Dec +15:47.   I watched a while and saw no other flashes.  Unfortunately,
    I did not record the time and by the time I woke up later the exact time
    was fuzzy so running Skymap was inconclusive with an uncertain time.
    It was unique.  It could have been a head on meteor but not a Leonid.
    Guess this one will remain a mystery.
    Ron Lee
    Falcon, CO
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