Old orbital data (sorry - OT !)

From: Phillip Clark (psclark@dircon.co.uk)
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 06:30:55 EST

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    I am posting this as a plea to see (a) whether anyone on the list has
    some material which I am seeking out and (b) whether they would be
    willing to share it.
    For a few years I have been putting together a series of electronic
    databases covering Soviet/Russian photoreconnaissance and similar
    satellites.   In support of this I have obtained all of the relevant
    historical two-line data from the Orbit Information Group at GSFC, and
    been able to fill in a lot of gaps from the paper TLEs which I started
    to receive from OIG in August 1980.   However, there are major gaps in
    the data for the 1960s and 1970s, simply because USSPACECOM has "lost"
    the data with the passing of time.
    If anyone has any paper (or even converted to electronic format !)
    TLEs or FLEs (Five-Line Elements - the earlier format) from the 1960s
    and 1970s which might help fill the gaps and they are willing to share
    the material then please contact me direct off-list and I can pass on
    more specific details of the gaps which I am trying to fill.
    Many thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help !
    Phillip Clark
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