ETS-6 Observations 14-Nov-01

From: Jim Stamm (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 06:09:18 EST

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    I think that I may have missed the beginning of this series of ETS-6 
    flashes (a little brighter than second magnitude), and I also forgot to 
    calibrate my tape recorder:
    First flash  noticed "about" 10:08:30 UTC.
    16th +2nd mag. flash seen "about" 10:10:45 UTC.
    The 135 second time range is accurate.
    All timings yielded 9.0 second intervals based on observations recorded 
    to the nearest second.
    Four flashes of less than 2nd mag. followed;
    Then two of less than 3rd mag.
    Sky conditions permitted 4th magnitude stars to be seen.
    Location of observation:
    Lat.  =   32.4204 N
    Long. =  110.9644 W
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