Re: spotting new planets

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 07:02:31 EST

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    "Bill H. Clark" wrote:
    > I have been working on a project (my Ph.D dissertation, hopefully) that
    > shows that the planets in our own solar system occupy specific locations
    > in the Three Body Problem; i.e. stable Lagrange type points.  ...
    This is all rather intriguing and will no doubt be very interesting when
    it has been properly reviewed.
    > ....  My theory might help to find these smaller planets.
    I suppose that technically this could involve visual satellite observation,
    but SeeSat-L is implicitly intended for the discussion of observation of 
    *artificial* satellites so this seems rather off topic - or am I missing a
    connection which should be obvious?  Pity there isn't a parallel list
    for messages about things which are not to do with visual satellite
    observation but might interest those who are interested in visual satellite
    observation.  However, it would be a rather busy list, I feel.
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