Re: Leonids vs ISS and other sats

From: Stuart Eves (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 17:49:07 EST

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    Hi Pat,
    The risk depends upon the flux levels, and this year is expected to be
    comparatively high for the Leonids. (Estimates vary - meteor shower
    prediction isn't a very precise science)
    Measures which have been taken in the past include turning the solar
    panels on GEO satellites edge-on to the radiant for a while around the
    time of expected peak flux (in order to reduce the effective target
    area). Clearly this will affect their power generation capability, and
    their visual magnitude as seen from the ground, since the arrays will be
    at an unusual range of angles to the sun.
    I don't know if any measures are planned for ISS.
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    >Hi list !
    >(I'm sorry if this has been discussed before)
    >Will the ISS and other satellites be at risk during the meteor storm of
    >november 18 ?
    >Are there measures that can and will be taken to avoid dammages ?
    >Pat Gambaro
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