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Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 15:56:05 EST

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        Although, I'm not an "oldtimer", (those are the guys who have been at it since sputnik), I've been
    observing since 98'.  Like Bram I did make numerous obs of OCS  (thirty, with mag's 2.8-4.5 steady) and two of
    26066 mag 7.5 S.  MAG's data pages are available online for more details and can be accessed from:,   most of our obs are in the Jan
    to Dec 2000 links, with one in the BWGS link.
       I recall that we also attempted the other sats, but were using 8x50binocs and a 4" newtonian and did not
    have much luck.  We've upgraded to an 8" dob and are becoming more active again, if any obs of the sats in
    question would help, we'll add them to our observing program.
        Mike McCants maintains a page of current obs of BWGS objects at:
        I noted these two obs associated with the launch by Leo and Bram from last Jan.
    00-  4 A 01-07-17 01:33      LB                       almost S, 5
    00-  4 F 01-05-12 01:47:45.4 BD   85.4 0.2   3 28.5   6.8->i
        A further search of BWGS database may yield more obs of the 0004's.
    Regards and best wishes
    Jim Nix
    Lloyd Thomson wrote:
    > I was involved with the integration of the first Minotaur launch back in
    > January 2000. This included JAWSAT, OCS, ASUSAT, FALCONSAT, and OPAL. For
    > those interesetd, current keps can be obtained at
    > for all but OCS, which has already decayed.
    > My question is two parts.
    > First of all, did anyone with a telescope happen to observe any or all of
    > these objects on orbit. Yes, I realize that this would be difficult and
    > unlikely because of the size of the satellites.
    > Second, does anyone have information on what the physical characteristics of
    > the object known as Minotaur Debris (26079U) would be?
    > We are trying to finalize some failure analysis, and any help from this end
    > would be appreciated. Also, these objects are moving back into twilight
    > orbit in the March/April timeframe, so if you want to take a look, let me
    > know and I will see what support technical I can get to you.
    > BTW OCS was a great project. It really was easy to observe, but considering
    > that it was a like a ten foot diameter mylar balloon, it is no wonder.
    > (decayed alittle over a year after launch). We would love to put some more
    > of these up for the Air Force, but their budget is a real mess right now, as
    > you can imagine.
    > Thanks for all the help
    > Lloyd Thomson
    > Sr. Design Engineer
    > One Stop Satellite Solutions Inc.
    > 1805 University Cir.
    > Ogden, UT 84408-1805
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