SeeSat-L: The Sixth Anniversary and Shuttle launch

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 10:37:58 PST

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    I've tried hard to improve this message from last year and I can't.
    Just increment the "Five" to "Six".  The thanks are newly regenerated
    and fresh!
    People near the flight path are reminded of this evening's launch of
    STS-97, which should be visible all along the Eastern Coast of North
    America, weather permitting.
    Five years ago this week, a wonderful thing happened.  Bart De Pontieu
    volunteered for a long journey by implementing SeeSat-L.  On his back,
    he has carried us to places we did not imagine.  I am grateful to Bart
    and to so many others of you for a very rewarding journey which
    continues to this very day.  Thanks to all of you for your many, many
    contributions to making SeeSat-L a welcome part of so many lives.
    Some of the details of the creation are recorded in the SeeSat-L WWW
    archive at
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