Iridium 79 reentry possibilities

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 13:38:56 PST

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    Hi All,
    Jim wrote:
    > Ir 79 t will shadowpass over the middle US around 8:30 UT, 2:30 CST from N
    to S near zenith.
    > Cities from which any burning/glowing, denoting re-entry, could be
    observable include Chicago,
    > St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans.  This pass is about 30 minutes before
    > latest forecast for re-entry over Antarctica.  Of course there is that +-
    14 hours.
    I'm not sure why Spacecom is predicting reentry over Antarctica --
    that's one of the least likely places for it to come in owing to
    the lower radius of the earth at the poles (and thus higher
    altitude of the satellite).
    One rev prior to the middle-America pass, there is also a pass
    that goes over Maine at ~7:01 UT tomorrow (2 am local time).
    This southbound pass would also be visible from Boston,
    perhaps as high as 30 degrees above the eastern horizon.
    The middle America pass flies over NE Minnesota, Wisconsin, SE
    Missouri, the Ark/Tenn border, Mississippi and the southeast
    tip of Louisiana (i.e. New Orleans).
    If Iridium 79 can hold on for one more rev, western Montana,
    eastern Idaho, central Utah (Salt Lake City) and central
    Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson) are on the flight-line.  Salt
    Lake City is directly on the orbit ground track.  Phoenix
    is somewhat to the west of it; Tucson is closer, but east
    of the groundtrack.
    Southern locations would be favored over northern ones, again
    owing to the earth's oblateness.  --Rob
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