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From: Brierley David (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 06:08:34 PST

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    It would be a great help if you could give approximate RA and Dec for
    your two sightings, and whether you're using epoch 1950.0 or 2000.0.
    It's OK to refer to the brightest stars by name, but for one I haven't a
    clue what Benetnasch is, and I've been in astronomy since 1957.
    I hope this is helpful,
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    From: Mark Harris []
    Sent: 24 November 2000 08:03
    Subject: A couple of unidentified flashers seen...
    Was standing in the car park @ work this morning
    (50.9460N, 2.6620W), when I saw a couple of sats
    which I can't identify... any suggestions as to what they
    could be? (Apologies for the lack of specific times or
    1. Approx 6:28:15 GMT, whilst watching the ISS pass,
    there was a brief (1/2 second) flare from a sat moving
    North on the other side of Leo (close to Regulus); and
    2.  Approx 6:36 GMT, there was a solitary flash (approx
    mag: -1) from a sat right next to Benetnasch.
    Thanks in advance...
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