From: Jim (kj5tf@madisoncounty.net)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 05:02:25 PST

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    I was looking at Highfly and need a little help please. I'm not too sharp
    setting these things up, the program is working, but I wonder if it will
    generate predictions for all sattellite passes in a day?
    I was looking for something to help me make predictions for the new amateur
    radio satellite Phase 3D (Oscar 40).
    It might be visible in a telescope, but I'd just like to have alt/az for
    whenever its in my sky.
    AO-40 / OSCAR 40
    1 26609U 00072B   00321.07636550  .00000001  00000-0  12528-4 0    39
    2 26609   6.4414 247.6325 7351717 175.8868  13.4478  2.03016775    16
    As you can see, its a high flyer.
    I understand I need to modify the Control File with my location.
    And do I understand it right that I need to change the date in the control
    file every time I use it?
    Thanks for your help.
    Jim Hale
    Kingston, AR.
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