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Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 03:41:23 PST

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    Cosmos 2377 is going to be lauched today.
    On this saturday nasa is going to place two satellites in orbit. What interesting is that a
    satellite called EO-1 is going to placed in a orbit, so that it follows landsat 7 by 1 minute. 
    How far apart would they be to be, so EO-1 follows landsat 7 by 1 minute.
    On the site 
    The two spacecraft will be within 2 miles (3 kilometers) of each other, said Dale Schulz, Goddard
    Space Flight Center's EO-1 project manager. 
    "We want to be able to trail Landsat, to stay precisely one-minute behind Landsat...and view the
    same piece of the Earth. This will allow imagery to be taken with our three instruments, to make a
    direct side-by-side comparison with the Landsat images," he said.
    On a different
    the two spacecraft will approximately 270 miles (450 km ) apart.
    Which I would think is correct.
    Big geo sat?
    Anik F1 is going to launched on Nov 20. It will be placed at 107.3 W. When the solar cells are
    fully deployed, the wings span 132.5 feet. 
    Now that is a big geo sat, wonder how bright it will be? 
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