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From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 03:46:07 PST

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    Good news 
    I was on the oig site a few seconds ago and the following appeared after login in.
    Super-User request capability (see link below).  11/13/2000
    Info on the super user account
    NASA/GSFC Orbital Information Group
    Super-User Agreement
    November 2000
    The following agreement applies to all current and future Super-Users.  Any
    questions on this agreement must be submitted via the OIG member User Home Page
    "Message" interface.
    All Super-Users agree that redistribution of Super-User data downloaded from the
    OIG Web Site is a violation of the Super-User agreement and status with NASA in
    terms of OIG data dissemination.  Violation of this agreement is grounds for the
    removal of your Super-User status.  The final decission to remove a USER from
    the site rests within NASA management at NASA HQ and GSFC.  If you are found to
    be in violation, then your access will be removed.  You can submit for
    reestablishment after 90 days of removal from Super-User status.
    So you can only use the data for personal use.
    I plan to try and get a super user account, and won't publish the info that way I can have access
    to the super tle database. 
    Now I hope to have access to the full tle database minus classified stuff. Thanks to alan and mike
    for making there tle files available to everyone, something you can't do with the oig super user
    Also your oig account will now expire after 90 days of not using it.
    message from oig.
    This account will expire if not accessed at least once every 90 days.
    One happy sat observer
    Kevin Fetter
    44.6062N -75.6910 W
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