The Scout RB Decay

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 10:10:59 PST

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    Report time: 16:40 UTC
    1966-034B (#02167) Scout RB
    I was too optimistic about the last released ELSET 00318.454... (10:54 UTC).
    SPACECOM has issued its FINAL REPORT - prepared Nov 13, - shows the decay on
                       13 November, 10:43 UTC +/- 01 minutes (05.2S, 218.2E)
    on a northbound pass over the Pacific.
    With the assumption that this last ELSET based on additional observations by
    SPACECOM I have calculated with a special program the time of closest coincidence
    of the ELSETs 00318.397... and 00318.454.... The minimum difference was only 
    30.07 km at 10:13:33.08 UTC. Starting from this point  MPM + REENTRY delivers now
                      13 November, 10:43.5 UTC +/- 07 minutes (06.68S, 218.12E)
    nearly identical with the SPACECOM's result.
    Berlin, Germany
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