Re: URL correction in Artificial satellite in Jupiter movie

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 01:12:13 PST

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    My avi viewer does not allow single-frame jumps, and does not show a frame
    count or time code, so I timed ten repeated runs as 10*2.42 seconds.
    Also, I do not have a good astronomical program, so I tried to find the
    scale of the picture, and the speed of the satellite, from the size of
    Jupiter, and the apparent motion of the Jovian system in the 2.42 seconds.
    Could someone please identify the moons (and their coordinates) in the
    u  v         w                   Jupiter                        x
    arrangement, so the following confusion might be straightened out:
    The Jovian system appears to move in position angle 141 degrees (predicted
    130). Was the camera tilted to the S, or did it move slightly ?
    From the size of the motion, the frame width is 11.5 arc minutes.
    From Jupiter's size, the frame width is 6.6 arc min.
    Time of transit = 46% of total time (from Jovian motion)
    Speed, range and direction of satellite depend on values above.
    If the camera was tilted, satellite moved in position angle 053 (not 065 as
    in frame)
    NOAA 10 was predicted to transit Jupiter at 06:13:06, using 5.3 days old
    elset, but moved in position angle 253 degrees (N-S).
    Cosmos 1844 was 9 arc min above using 3.8 days old elset, moving 054
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    > >
    > I have measured the absolute and relative distances of the Jovian moons
    > using Guide 7.0:
    > 2000 Nov 04 05:00 UTC
    > Ganymede-Europa  1.772' (arc minutes)
    > Ganymede-Io      5.124'
    > Cosmos 1844 (87-41A/17973) was close to Jupiter at 06:06:50 UTC and
    > moving with the right speed and in the right direction as seen from
    >  Rainer
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