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From: Thomas A. Troszak (tom@bullhammer.com)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 07:21:42 PST

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    Dear List,
    Thank you all who replied to my plea for information about the constancy
    of Mir's attitude.  I am still chasing down the many leads given.
    I have posted the Feb. 10, 2000 and Nov. 1, 2000 photos on my satphoto
    http://www.bullhammer.com/satphotos.htm  and I humbly submit them for
    any commentary.  I do not claim to be an expert on anything, I was just
    surprised by the results.  No, this is not a mistake, the photos really
    were taken months apart, just at a similar angle and direction.  
    There are also two possible interpretations of the photos, depending on
    the presence or absence of the freighters, I will attempt to determine
    the exact status of freighter location at the time each photo was taken,
    then I can nail down my best guess as to which blob of light is which
    part, and I will include a "sketch" of Mir showing my interpretation. I
    purchased a scale plastic model of Mir at the National Air and Space
    Museum (Washington, DC) gift shop a few months ago as an aid in photo
    Thanks to all for the help, and any clues to the specific freighter/s
    docking status on either date will be appreciated.
    Tom Troszak, Asheville, NC, USA
    35.601 N, -82.554 W
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