Re: Progress Undocking

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 11:54:47 PST

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    > The ISS will get a steady diet of Progress dockings and Shuttle 
    > visits during 
    > the Expedition 1 mission.   
    > The cheapest way to get supplies to the ISS is via an unmanned 
    > Progress 
    > mission.  An unmanned mission allows you to lose the weight and 
    > volume warm 
    > bodies and of a life-support systems and replace it with needed 
    > supplies. 
    > Tang gets very expensive if you need a $250 million shuttle mission 
    > just to 
    > get it to the ISS.
    > This is why a US-Russian team makes sense.  The 2 programs are 
    > complementary.
    I'm not saying that using Progress supply ships don't make sense, or that
    I am against using them.  I just think that using them just once, and
    then destroying them isn't the wisest thing.  Personally, I would
    investigate putting a better computer system, more durability (such as
    heat/thermal shields and a stronger structure), and perhaps a few
    modifications on the propulsion system in an attempt at making it
    reusable.  Just like the Space Shuttle Orbiter isn't just used once, why
    not investigate at making the cargo ships be able to be used more than
    once?  Certainly with some modifications you could enable a Progress
    supply ship to be able to land with remote control, and that the costs
    needed to get it ready for another flight would be less than the cost of
    building a whole new one?  Or maybe Russia doesn't want to look long
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