I Missed The ISS...

From: Patrick Walsh (patrickfwd@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 16:08:31 PST

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    I can't believe I missed it, I had an ISS pass that
    passed about 2 degrees from away from my zenith, it
    was predicted mag 0.2, at 5:43 CST, that's 10:43 UTC. 
    I was using an elset from 2AM UTC Nov. 1 (today)  It
    was going to go in between Vega and Cygnus.  I had my
    10x50s tripod mounted and stopwatch ready, my eyes
    glued to the target.  I just plain didn't see it. 
    Limiting mag (1x) was well below 3 or maybe even 4. 
    How in the heck did I miss a 0.2 mag pass?  Unless the
    russians (and the american) docked ahead of schedule
    and sabatoged the ISS...  Darn!
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