RE: Ground-based picture of Shenzhou in orbit???

Terry Pritchard (
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 18:24:15 -0500

> >Anyone know where this picture of Shenzhou in orbit came
> >from?

> It is a blow up from the big screen at the Chinese control center.  It
> represents a computer drawing in very poor resolution just
> because of the blow up.

On a related note, has anyone checked to see if Shenzhou made a favourable
pass over AMOS during its brief mission?  I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly)
that a sunlit pass at night is preferable for the Maui folks?  If so, a
cross-check of the weather at the time would be interesting.

<groundless speculation>
A check of the MHPCC status page (
shows that one of their P2SC's ("Typhoon") is busy at work on
something...wonder if it's undoing turbulence effects on some nice high-res
imagery of Shenzou?  Not that we're likely to ever see it, of course...
</groundless speculation>

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