Nuts on rockets?

Earl Needham (KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 06:34:21 -0700

At 08:59 AM 11/21/1999 +0200, Ruben Velasco sent:
>I will believe all this thing about the Project 921 when I'll see
>it, I mean, when I see on TV some chinese guys nuts enough to blast
>off atop a Long March rocket.

At 10:47 AM 11/21/1999 +0000, Phillip Clark wrote:
>No more nuts than the guys who sat on top of a Vostok and mercury in the
>early days ! :-)   I reckon you have about a year before the first
>piloted mission comes along, with two, maybe three, men on board.

	Strictly speaking, they sat atop the Redstone rocket and the Atlas ICBM!
The Mercury capsule did what it was designed to do pretty well.
	The Redstone I'm not really familiar with, but I believe it was originally
meant to be a sounding rocket, and was pressed into service because of the
rush in those days.
	As for the Atlas -- well, I believe the United States was very, very
fortunate not to have one blow up with a manned crew.  The Atlas had a
proven track record of blowing up for no reason while still in the silos
(at least here in New Mexico), so sitting atop one of those was REALLY
nuts!  <G>


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