Re: Chinese bird spotted over Spain

Ruben Velasco (
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:00:09 +0200

At 08:59 1999/11/21, I wrote:

>      For the first time in my life, I've seen
>a chinese manned spacecraft (ok, just a test vehicle ;-) using the
>elsets posted at OIG a few hours ago.
>I've only managed to see the brighter object of the four,
>cataloged as #25956 (known as #25957 during the first hours).
>#25956 has the letter "A" attached to its designation, so this
>should be the "thing".  

Update: It seems that there's a double error with OIG names (again).
They shouldn't have made the change 25956<->25957 and named the latter
"CZ-2F r". And you have all those websites quoting the official
chinese news agency reports about the landing of the vehicle...  

Hypothesis A: Xinghua has made a mistake. Don't laugh. It's not so
unlikely. Remember Mars 96 early reports from Russia? Or the recent
Globalstar crash fiasco?.

Hypothesis B: There's a chinese Conspiracy®, the reports
from Xinhua agency are propaganda, something's gone wrong and
they're lying, while the real "shuttle" is still in orbit and
the rocket stage has already reentered.  For paranoids only...

Hypothesis C: Most probably #25957 ACTUALLY is (was) the "shuttle",
as they call it, and I've only seen the rocket. Big deal. :-(

Better luck next time.  Sorry for the bandwidth.

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