81- 119 B, Leonids

Barhorst L.J.C. (L.J.C.Barhorst@exchange.arcadis.nl)
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:54:18 +0100

I can confirm the reports on 81- 119 B.
The mean period is around 6.84-6.86 seconds, see my posting of obs the last
few days.
I also noticed the two 'periods' of 6.3 and 7.2 seconds.
Will go through my notes and report the timings I made.

As for the Leonids:
I got up at 01:00 UT this morning. It was almost clear, but clouds came in
from the northwest.
I saw several bright Leonids on the eastern horizon.
Estimated time between different Leonids around 1 minute.
As time got on the frequecy increased and at 02:00 UT I estimated a rate of
1 Leonid every few seconds.
Sometimes 4 or 5 were visible together. Some in the same direction,
sometimes going in opposite directions
from the radiant. Even without drawing the tracks on a starmap and
backtracking it was visible to the naked
eye that the radiant lies in the head of the lion (the reversed
As the radiant rose above the horizon more Leonids were visible streaking
across the sky towards the north-
western part of the sky.
>From time to time clouds pass by, but even through the clouds the bright
Leonids were seen.
Some became as bright as mag -4 (same as Venus or even brighter). A few
flared up at the end of the track.

It was a magnificent sight, worth getting up for.
At 02:30 it became clouded all together and started to rain, so I wnt back
to bed.
This morning at 05:15 UT while waiting for my train I saw some Leonids from
the trainplatform

Greetings and clear, dark skies
Leo Barhorst  Medemblik The Netherlands
52.767 N 5.09 E

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